Introducing "Asset OTA" for systemwide software updates

Hey folks! I'm excited to announce the release of "Asset OTA", Particle's latest expansion of our over-the-air software update feature. You can now use Particle OTA to update not only your Particle device, but any other processors or subcomponents in your system.

Rather than explaining how awesome this feature is, I will point you to the blog post we just published where I explained how awesome this feature is. Take a gander:

Asset OTA is available in Device OS v5.5.0, and you can find documentation and additional information here:

Give it a try and let us know what you think!


@zach ,

This is a great new capability - the Particle platform just keeps getting better!

I wonder if we could have a survey on the forums for what processors or subcomponents would be supported next. I would love to see support for the ATTINY3226 for example but would be interested in the results just to understand what people are using.

Thank you,


It would be great to hear from the community what processors people are most interested in reprogramming. We can support any processor in principle, but the complexity of the implementation comes down to how the bootloader is implemented on the other processor, and knowing the most likely targets will help ensure that implementation guidelines that we publish in our docs match with what people intend to reprogram.

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@zach I am going to give a big shout out to @jalbersr for helping me through trialling flashing an ATmega328P (aka Arduino UNO R3). Had some issues creating the .bin assets for the ATmega328P. This is one of the stand-out new features for me that you announced at Spectra.

In terms of other processors, I am investigating 2 for our next iteration of product boards based on P2;

  • Renesas RA4M1 (aka Arduino UNO R4)
  • RP2040

As we add new examples, they will be added to the Asset OTA community examples page in the documentation.

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