I2C Slave mode?

Is I2C Slave available or coming soon by any chance? I have 2 devices that need to communicate with the Spark ideally via Serial, but since there is only 1 Serial, my other alternate is I2C but require Spark to be a slave. Any suggestions?

I don’t know much about the I2C stuff, but I saw mention of a 2nd serial in this post made earlier today.

Here is the pull request from @gruvin.

Looks like it is in but the doc is not done yet. It works on pins D0 and D1 and you do:

#include "Serial2.h"

to turn it on.

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@MagicTech, @wgbartley, the second serial is available for testing if you compile locally and have the latest firmware repo.

Good news.
Thank you very much. Any idea when it will be part of the standard firmware? I suck at understanding all the make and github stuff. I am a hardware guy :smile:

It’s already in the latest firmware. Just short of testing be someone. :slight_smile:

Here’s a link to the draft documentation changes, with information about optional Serial2. (See the Communication / Serial section.)

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@kennethlimcp, the slave mode is documented but not implemented based on what I see in the latest core-firmware repo.

Opps sorry. I meant the Serial2

Was it not tested by whomever accepted the pull request? That was my assumption.

I’m still waiting on I2C slave support too.

@Bradders, I raised an issue on github for the I2C code, including slave mode. The firmware repo has code for supporting slave mode but it is commented out. Hopefully, this will be reviewed soon.