I2C UART chip for serial port and library?

I’ve got a spark core and plan to use it for a project that requires to serial ports. Has anybody here used one of the I2C UART chips on the Core and gotten it to work? If so how about library to support it?

I’m thinking maybe using something like a MAX3107.

I thought maybe I could multiplex the single UART using a multiplexer chip such as a TI CD74HC4052E.

Anybody have thoughts and or experience trying to do this sort of thing using the Spark Core?


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Hi @notronrj

Another forum user @gruvin as been working on adding a second USART that is in the hardware already. So you might not need to add any parts at all. You can see progress here:

You can add an i2c UART just fine, I am sure, but you may not need to. You can multiplex the transmit side of the core, but on the receive side, I am not how that would work, unless you completely control when the other side transmits.

Thanks bko for the information. I will check out the work by gruvin.

I appreciate it.

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