Serial2 Implemented?

I was confused by a previous post whether the Serial2 was implemented or not.
I read from the firmware document that the initial method is

#include "Serial2.h"

However my sketch doesn’t compile so I guess its not yet included?
Any idea on a timeline?

@MagicTech, Serial2 is only implemented if you compile locally and have the latest master firmware repo from github. It is not yet implemented on the Spark CLI or IDE yet.

Thanks again Peekay. As you know I am new to this but any idea when it will be implemented?

@MagicTech, I believe as soon as it is tested and confirmed to be working. I’ll be doing some testing later tonight. :smile:

Thanks Man…I think you are going to start sending me invoices :slight_smile:

@peekay123, Serial2 is already in the master and server2 branch and I have tested it halfway previously via Web IDE.

@kennethlimcp, that’s exactly what I was saying to @MagicTech! I just tested Serial2 with the ported VisiGenie library and display at 115Kbaud and it works just fine. I have not tested it with Serial1 going at the same time at 115Kbaud but that is next. :smile:

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What I mean is that the latest firmware already comes with Serial2. :slight_smile:

It can be used in the Web IDE.

If you say its already in the Web IDE, do I still use

#include "Serial2.h

It fails to compile?
fatal error: Serial2.h: No such file or directory

@kennethlimcp, it is NOT included. I just tried to compile with CLI and it throws an error. :frowning:

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Opps weird… Indeed it’s not :smiley:

Should be available in the next WEB IDE update. I have seen the V0.30 firmware release on Github.

Sorry for the confusion :smiley:

@kennethlimcp, OMG! You can foretell the future! :stuck_out_tongue:


He lives in a future time zone in Singapore so maybe he already has it :wink:

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You guys are funny! Cmon just see this :wink:

@kennethlimcp, well it ain’t on the IDE that’s for sure! Release is imminent I guess :stuck_out_tongue:

Hi Guys,

I also thought that Serial2 was in the compile-server2 branch and so I checked and it is! So are the makefile changes but I don’t think the production makefile has been updated for the library.

I created an issue for this:

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FYI, anything I touch gets jinxed … and I wrote the Serial2 implementation. So this is all just another day in the life of Gruvin, from where I sit! :stuck_out_tongue:

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Hang in there! I think it is just the difference between the local build makefile and the web IDE makefile.


I realized this post dated back to July. But as of now I still can’t include “Serial2.h” in my IDE code.

Isn’t it implemented? @peekay123

I don’t think it’s there yet, but will be coming soon. But a heads up on the syntax, it will be #include “libraryname/header.h” so

#include "Serial2/Serial2.h"