I2C and SPI on the Pi

I’ve successfully configured a Pi 3 B+ and can play with it using Tinker. Now I’d like to access the I2C bus but can’t seem to get anywhere using Particle’s Web IDE (<Wire.h> is not found). There are other I2C libraries that I can grab, but that last little detail of being able to actually find the hardware is still evasive. Thoughts? Thanks!

If Wire is supported with Particel Agent then you won’t need to include anything else than Particle.h

~I2C master mode, not using DMA, should work on the Pi. I think SPI as well but I never tested it.~

Like ScruffR said, no need to include Wire.h, it’s available if you use a .ino file or

#include "Particle.h"

This includes some other things you might need to do to get I2C to work.


Oh, wait, I just re-read what I wrote in that link. I never got I2C to work using Particle Pi. That’s using native Pi I2C. I’m not sure I2C and SPI work on Particle Pi, but they might in non-DMA mode.

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I haven’t installed Particle Agent - I thought it was just a monitoring/diagnostic thing. Looks I may need that after all, eh?

…and ignore my last. Of course I have the Agent installed. My brain is elsewhere! Header file included and I am further than I was a few moments ago. Thank you!

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