How to view Photon publish in terminal with curl?

I have installed curl on my Windows 10, 64 machine.

If I run curl from the command line and drop in the url from the “Log” section in PArticle Cloud console, I see “:ok”

The log page states to “run this from a terminal” (the curl command). What sort of terminal does this run in? Something like Putty?


What you are doing is correct.

You just need to wait for new published messages to appear.

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You run the curl command in shell like the cmd shell on Windows.

Why don’t you make sure it is working Ok by looking at the public stream for a common event like “temp”

curl -H "Authorization: Bearer 55aa.............6677"

where the part from 55aa…6677 is replaced by your token.

You should get a nearly continuous stream of events that all start with “temp”.

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Thanks Guys,

Is there some sort of application that enables this to run from Windows IDE instead of command line?

It’s known as Server-Side Events and can be displayed using Frontend/Web tools easily. :wink: