Spark.publish via CURL?

Hi all!
I’ve been browsing the forums and docs for an answer to my question, but couldn’t find one. I might have overlooked some…

Basically, what I want to achieve is to send Spark.Publish() commands via CURL (or the Javascript API). While function calls and parameter retrieval works fine, I’m dubious whether a Publish (i.e. publishing an event to one or more Cores with a series of parameters) is possible.

In code, I do the following:

sprintf(publishString, "%Lu,%d,%Lu,%d", time, index, colors[index], isConn);
Spark.publish(funcLedNotMe, publishString, MY_DEVICES);

But I’m looking for a similar method to do this via CURL. Can anyone shed a light on this?

Hi there!

Although the forum is a very nice place, which contains a great deal of information, we still do have something called “documentation”. It never hurts to check that :wink:

Let me know if you encounter any issues :slight_smile: