How to tell SSID connected to

Is there any way to get details on the wireless network in use?

I am connecting to the network and can be seen by particle, but I am unable to connect to my Photon from a machine on my local network.

I suspect that this is because the Photon is using the wrong SSID. I have done a “particle serial wifi” command to re-specify the correct network, but I am unable to ping or connect to my Photon.

Any suggestions?


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@rudedog, how are you “connecting” to your local Photon. Do you have a server running on the Photon? a little more info would go a long way.

I just did something like this for a home-brewery monitor for a friend and set a string variable (in JSON format) with all of the information.

Using Particle Variable for beerConditions like this:

  snprintf(mySSID, sizeof(mySSID), "%s", WiFi.SSID());
  mySignal = map(WiFi.RSSI(), -127, -1, 1, 100);
  myLocalIP = WiFi.localIP();
  snprintf(beerConditions, sizeof(beerConditions), "{\"deviceDetail\":{\"Fermentor\":{\"fermenting\":\"%s\",\"highLimit\":%d,\"current\":%.1f,\"lowLimit\":%d},\"KegCooler\":{\"setpoint\":\"%s\",\"highLimit\":%d,\"current\":%.1f,\"lowLimit\":%d}},\"network\":{\"SSID\":\"%s\",\"strength\":\"%d%%\",\"IPAddress\":\"%d.%d.%d.%d\"}}",, currentFermentor.high, fermentorTemp, currentFermentor.low,, currentKegCooler.high, kegTemp, currentKegCooler.low, mySSID, mySignal, myLocalIP[0], myLocalIP[1], myLocalIP[2], myLocalIP[3]);



Which I can now see on the new and improved Particle App (thx @ido) :

I hope that helps…

Hi PK,

I currently have the Photon connected to my Windows PC via USB and I am using Putty to monitor serial output.

I am also connecting to the Photon via TCP/Telnet from a variety of sources (at different times, of course) including Windows Putty, Raspberry Pi telnet and an Android app.

I have corrected the connectivity by running through the Particle Android app, but using the serial wifi option did not seem to actually change things.

Having said that, I would still like to know if there is a way to see or have the Photon report the connection details it is actually using.

Reading ahead, Thanks Bulldog. That looks like it is pretty much the info I need. I was not aware of the WiFi package/library, so I’ll look into that. Adding a standard registered function to return that info via a Particle call sounds like something I might want to do in general.

Thanks to both of you for helping a newbie.

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