How to reset a Xenon?

I have a Xenon with bad firmware which is preventing it from joining the Mesh and the Cloud.

How can i reset it? I tried having it join another network, setting it up with an Ethernet Featherwing, but nothing worked …

Place it in safe mode

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Thank you @kennethlimcp.

With the code you sent me earlier (thanks again),

I was able to replace the Xenon above with another unit which is now working at the remote site. One (minor issue) remains where if a Xenon gets an OTA firmware update, it joins the Mesh but not the Cloud. The only way I found to make it join the Cloud is to remotely reset its Gateway (my new firmware supports that).

My Xenon was not working because its firmware set to (MANUAL) mode without the cloud. Also, it was flashing blue even on power on. None of the directions on the link below worked (except for DFU mode).

The only way I could get the Xenon to reset is by having it join a new mesh network. After that I was bale to put it is safe mode and successfully re-flashed it.