Xenon in Manual Mode


I’m a mesh newbie and I’m actively trying to learn about it. I have a Xenon operating in MANUAL mode and connected only to the mesh network. The network has a boron connected to Particle cloud. The Xenon published sensor data to particle cloud through the boron. I am able to send messages between the Boron and the Xenon through the network successfully.

Is there a way I can update the application code running on the Xenon through the Boron in the network?

[Never mind, it states here clearly that this is not possible : https://docs.particle.io/tutorials/device-os/led/xenon/]

Breathing green means that mesh is on, but you’re not connected to the Particle cloud. Because of this, you cannot flash your Xenon from the cloud. That includes Particle Build (Web IDE), Particle Dev (Atom IDE) and Particle CLI cloud-based flashing commands.

Manual Mode does not mean your device is not connected. It just means that your application code needs to take care of connecting and keeping the connection alive.
Hence, sure it’s possible, you just need to take the correct steps :wink:

Right, I force the Xenon to connect just to the mesh and not to the cloud through my application code. It doesn’t seem like there’s any way to update firmware unless the device is connected to the cloud, i.e solely through the mesh. Would be pretty neat if there was… :wink: