How to organize or annotate bookmarks?

I love this forum software and I can’t stand reading other forums anymore.
However, I collected many bookmarks and I can’t remember where a particular topic is. Or, I might have seen a suggestion or a link in a post that I wanted to file away, but can’t find which discussion it’s in.
I have used the forum search tool, but it takes a lot longer to find things.
Is there a way to search just my bookmarks, or better yet, is there a way to annotated a post when I bookmark it? Then, of course, I would like to be able to search those notes to find the info I filed away.

Another example is the Hackster forum lets you create bookmark “buckets”. A topic can also be filed under multiple “buckets”. It’s not searchable, but it would help already.


@Pescatore, click on your Photon/Icon at the top RH corner of the page. You’ll see the link to your bookmarks.



If you click the main search button image, and then select the advanced search (mobile) or options (desktop), there is a drop-down for searching things that "I bookmarked ".


Thanks @ninjatill. That’s useful. Looks like I am going to click more “Likes” since that’s another searchable parameter.