How to open URL from photon?

I’m brand new to the Photon and very new to Microcontrollers in general.

I have not been able to find out how to do basic CRUD functions on a URL from a Photon.
I’d like to be able to Get, Post, Put, Delete to a URL on my LAN, with JSON payloads.

All the docs I’m seeing include working through the cloud. I want to do this from a Photon on my LAN to a web server on my LAN without external communication.

Has someone got a link to the right docs to do this, or an example?


Scott search on httpclient you will find a lot to help you



I found it and tried the example code.
Apparently there’s a known issue that has not been merged back to the library where application.h has to be included.
I don’t know how to import a modified version into the IDE.

If you’d like to, you could copy&paste the library, using the little + icon in the top right of the IDE. Make sure you get the names right though!

Thanks Moors7!
I’m able to get it to compile now.

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