How to read a URL easily using the Photon

In Matlab, if I want to read a URL I can simply say:

string = urlread (“”) ;

and the contents of that page appear in string.

Is there any way to do this on the Photon?

I’m not interested in the Particle “cloud” or registering Particle variables or becoming the King of Siam, I just want to read a simple URL from the web. After several hours of searching for the answer to what should be a simple question, I’m coming up empty.

You can have a look at the HTTPClient library

BTW Mathlab uses lower level functions to provide you with the ease of use you are refering to.
The Photon and its C/C++ programming is set at this or an even lower level.

@Michele, look at the HTTPClient library in the web IDE if you want “read” an http-only site and webhooks for https-type sites since the Photon doesn’t directly support https yet.

Thanks very much - HTTPClient looks like exactly what I was looking for.

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