How to map to P1.01 on BSOM (404)

I need to access nRF52840’s P1.01 pin from a BSOM B404 and set to write mode. How can I do this?

This should work?

int PINX = D3;
pinMode(PINX, OUTPUT);

I see that in the documentation now. I’m unsure why sometimes the nRF52840’s pins are referenced with leading zero after the period like P1.08 (which D10 points to). That format made me believe that nRF52840’s pin would be P1.01, NOT P1.1. Alas, “P1.1” is indeed P1.01 and works in my setup. I would ask Particle to be more consistent in their formatting of P1 and P2 pin names.

That wasn’t intentional. I added the leading zero to nRF52 numbers less than 10 so they are P1.01 not P1.1.

Thank you rickkas7

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