How to install new factory-reset firmware? [Solved]


RESOLVED: Answer at the bottom of here.

I have early edition Sparkcores, wherein it appears the Tinker firmware installed by doing a factory-reset is too old and doesn’t work properly with CLI spark setup wifi any more.

I figure there must be a way to send over a current image of the Tinker firmware – and I need to do that, to resolve a problem with remote debugging.

I’m guessing the firmware image is stored in the external Flash? So we should be able to send over a fresh copy using dfu-util, yes?

(I looked in documentation, but didn’t find anything on this, understandably.)


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Even I had the same problem, but it was opposite in my case, Initially I installed dfu-util and used the dfu-util deep bin update didn’t get anything, but got it when I actually used
Spark flash–usb CC3000

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