How to get the mobile secret on the p2?


since particle has not (and will not) release a native ios library to configure (wifi) in the p2 and our ios developers have no experience with ec-jpake and aes encryption needed to implement this, we are forced to find another solution

@gusgonnet suggested using BLE WiFi Setup Manager Library and that does work on the p2

we however like to add a little security and thought of using the mobile secret which should be available on the p2/deviceos: does anyone know if this is accessible somehow?


Future visitors, this question might have an answer there:

Hi Frank,

I’d just like to correct one point above - Particle is working towards releasing a native library for the P2, but the timelines are not clear just yet.

For the secret - you can scan the Data Matrix, and it, along with the Serial number, will be returned as text.

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and for other users: it could very well be the p2 datamatrix is not visible from the outside of your product:

we flash the p2’s in the factory and read the device id. we also create a random qr-code for the product and associate the two on our server. when a phone is attempting to setup the p2, we ask the particle cloud for the mobile secret using the device id.

that is GREAT news

Ah yes, you are correct, it’s retrievable via the API!

Having an external QR code is always a great idea.

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