Setting up Wi-Fi on customer devices

Documentation for configuring Wi-Fi on customer P2, Photon 2, and Argon devices for product creators is now available! Include information on BLE provisioning mode and other available techniques.


Awesome! Nice work.

I just tried this out. I should be using the right device name and mobile secret on iOS, but when I run the expo app I compiled I run into an error Property 'TextEncoder doesn't exist. after device aabbcc is found and I hit continue.

I can see from the serial log that BLE Event detected: ble_prov_mode_connected is at least getting hit so I don't think it's just that the device isn't being communicated with. Could it be a nodejs dependency issue?

>npx eas-cli --version
eas-cli/3.13.3 win32-x64 node-v18.10.0
>npx --version

What other info can I provide dependency-wise? Also, I believe I had to change eas slug and projectId in app.json because I was getting permission issues building, but that may have been resolved from some other action.

Also, the hal_clear_device_secret() command from the comment inside ble_provisioning.cpp of doesn't seem to exist in Device OS 5.3.2. I've not yet set my own mobile secret but I don't want to either if I don't have a way to revert it :wink:

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