P2 setting WiFi credentials via BLE

I am working on a new project using the P2 and i was banking on using the BLE WiFI Setup Manager library:

But this only supports the Argon.

I need the ability for users to install the P2’s and add them to their home network, i was looking into using BLE to implement this but i can’t find any documentation around this that relates to the P2.

I have also looked at the Realtek Ameba library that seemed to exist some time ago as suggested here.

I believe this can be done using BLE to pass credentials but i can’t seem to find any documentation, so any help would be greatly appreciated!

you can just remove the “argon” check in the code, or better add the “p2” to the list… it works

see also: No native ios library to configure/setup wifi on p2

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first few lines in ble_wifi_setup_manager.cpp to make it work on p2:

#include "ble_wifi_setup_manager.h"

#if PLATFORM_ID != 12 // Argon
    #error "This library only works on the Argon!"

That’s solved it!
There is also an


at the bottom for anyone else that runs into this.

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