P2 WiFi setup using BLE

I would like to re-open this discussion about the Argon Current state for Argon SoftAP? but for the P2. Also, P2 setting WiFi credentials via BLE. It appears that @Dan-Kouba has recently updated the ble_wifi_setup_manager library to support the P2. However, including the library and building it on 5.2.0 throws out several warnings about deprecated api. I haven’t been able to get it to work on Mac Chrome and suspect that is my problem although it may be the MANUAL version doesn’t work?

Hi Will, have you seen this thread?
There, a community member reports that he was able to use Dan’s lib on the P2, however it may have been before latest updates on the lib.
Where does the process get stuck on your tests?

Yes I fixed that problem - I added the P2 platform ID (32) so it would compile.

The web app is searching and trying to pair with the P2, however, the Confirm button is always greyed. I think this is an issue with Chrome running on MacOS. If I use BluefruitConnect app on my phone (iOS so not much help!) I can see the P2 is advertising the service and characteristics. I haven’t got a Windows laptop with Chrome with me so will need to wait until I am back in the office.

two things:

1- did you try this on an Argon?
2- did you enable (I think it was Chrome BLE or similar) that particular setting in Chrome?

I remember being able to scan and connect to an Argon some months ago with Chrome on Mac.


  1. No on a P2 evaluation board
  2. I thought that only Javascript needs enabling in Chrome and on MacOS privacy settings Chrome needs to be enabled to access Bluetooth API.

I quit Chrome, restarted and also toggled Bluetooth off and on - it works.
I am going to post some ideas here about requirements. Things like;

  • WPA Enterprise
  • 5GHz networks
  • Handling all the ‘normal’ WAP conditions without upsetting the application thread.

It might be that the Chrome web app is the back-up options if someone does not want to download a mobile app. It will need to be a lot more secure and robust. I have reached out to @Dan-Kouba to see what ideas he has - further than the TO DO’s in the library comments.
Thanks again Gus.

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Hey, I found the docs I had in mind when I read your topic: chrome-web-ble.

Now, the docs mention this:

  • In the Chrome web browser on Mac OS X (sometimes)

That (sometimes) at the end may have been what you experienced. I do not know - I’d have it in mind for future tries.