How to Edit comunity Library Files in Web IDE?

I am using the Nextion Library in my project. I need to edit a line of code in the library config file.
When I show the file in the web IDE it won’t let me edit the file.

How can I do this?


You can’t edit the library in Web IDE unless you have all the files present as individual file tabs, but there is no easy way to do that.
You’d need to manually copy-paste the code.

But since I’m the owner of that repository, what do you need changed?
Would this be something useful to update publicly?

Another way to do this would be via Particle Dev or CLI where you can easily copy the sources into your project and manipulate it as you like.

So I went back to the ParticleDev client in order to make the change.

Basically, when using the Nextion LCD library the NexConfig.h file must be edited in order to select the COM port of the device for controlling the LCD.

extern USARTSerial& nexSerial;
So this line must be edited as so: extern USARTSerial& Serial1;
or whatever serial port your device is using.

That’s it…

Nope, that line is there to allow to select the port from outside (hence ***extern***) - explicitly not requiring you to tamper with the library :wink:
Otherwise you’d actually need to replace dozends of nexSerial instances. nexSerial is meant as an abstraction placeholder for any USART serial interface.

Have a look ar the samples with the lib.

OH, I see. Well I was looking at their doc from a previous version where they specified the line change in the NexConfig.h file…

Makes sense now…


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