Using a modified library in the cloud

So I have an RFID chip that uses the arduino library “Adafruit_PN532” and the library is available in the web IDE. However there is a line in the library that changes whether to use I2C vs SPI communication that I need to change. I can do this locally in VS-Code, locally compile, and locally flash with success, but after making the change I am unable to cloud flash it.

Is there any workaround for making small library changes within the cloud environment? I’d like to leverage the remote firmware flashing option, but the library I’m using might stand in my way.

@sengsberg, welcome to the Community! Take a look at this recent response to a similar question:

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Thanks for the response, it looks like I missed that when looking through prior posts.

Another approach is to (manually) copy the Adafruit_SSD1306 library to tabs in your Web IDE project which will then allow you to edit the offending file.

So if I understand, importing a library as a ‘my own’ file in a separate tab in the IDE should be able to get things rolling. I should be able to work with that. Much thanks!

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You can still cloud flash, you just need to remove the dependency from in order to force the cloud compiler into using your local copy of the library.

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