How to contribute to

So you want to contribute to the Spark Core Docs, but don’t know where to start? It’s easy, let’s walk-through the steps.

Please read the Contributions section of the Docs repo:

If you don’t have a username yet, sign up for one it’s super easy:

Let’s say I want to change or add something here. Take note of where this is… “Setup” and “pinMode”.

Scroll back to the top of the page and click “Edit this page”

This opens a confirmation dialog that you want to Fork, or make a copy of this Docs repo:

Now you have a Fork of this repo and can edit the document. It’s now open in Github’s text editor.

Click in the Editor and press ctrl+f. Search for the “pinMode” section. A few clicks of the next button and we are there.

Make the change:

Scroll to the bottom of the page and update the commit message to something related to the change, then press the Propose file change button:

Now you can see a copy (Branch) of the original copy (Fork) was created with your change in it. Now you can add more details explaining the change (if necessary), and also any links to the forum where previous discussions have taken place.

When you are done, submit your Pull Request by clicking the Create pull request button:

Congrats! That’s a fine looking Pull Request :slight_smile:

Now you just have to wait until someone at Spark can review your Pull Request and commit the changes to the Docs repo. These changes will then be live on shortly thereafter.

Here it is merged!

What will you contribute? :spark: :smile: