How to contact Electron Billing Department

My Electron which has been in service for over a year had it’s billing date today. In the past I paid $2.99 for 1mb of service per month. This past month I used 1.3 mb of data. Under the new pricing plan I should have been charged $2.99 but was charged an additional $0.40 for a US zone. Shouldn’t I have been charged just $2.99 because I was under 3mb. It’s not the $0.40 but I want to know if this was a mistake. There is no place on the Particle site to contact Billing.

Hi @autolib

I think you need to file a support ticket here:

Fill out the contact info at the bottom and hit send.

Thanks @bko and @Moors7. It already indicates the 3mb limit. No ware on the screen does it mention switching to the new plan.

@autolib Jeff here, a product manager at Particle. You’re correct, there’s no need to switch to the new plan if the SIM is owned by your user account. This happens automatically. Looks like there might have been a calculation error.

Can you send a support request at and include your ICCID, and Particle username? Our team can look into it.



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Thanks @jeiden.