Why am I getting billed?

I have an Electron that I have not used since January but, I am still getting charged $2.99 a month even though I have used no data… I was under the impression i’d only get charged for data used?

It say’s in the console $2.99 1st MB/mo therefore if I have not used any data, I shouldn’t be getting billed right?

The $2.99 is a monthly fee, which includes 1 MB of data. So even if you use no data, the monthly fee is still $2.99. If you don’t plan to use your Electron for a while, you can use the Deactivate SIM option in the console to stop the monthly charges, and resume it later.


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Thank you @rickkas7 I’ll look at deactivating the sim for now, I still think it is a little misleading by stating $2.99 1st MB/mo though, as one would presume like I did, 0MB/mo should be free.

Can you point us to the source of that?

The wording on the pricing page does not leave a lot of room for that interpretation

( https://www.particle.io/pricing#cellular-data )

Hi @ScruffR I agree the Pricing page does make it clear but, I was making my assumption from the Billing & Usage within the console.