How to connect Tilt Sensor to bread board

Hi I started playing with Spark Core last week and I’m not familiar with hardware at all.
And learning it step by step (

How can I connect Tilt Sensor (from Spark Core Maker kit) to bread board?
Can I bend the gold leg of the sensor? or should I connect in different way from normal resistor?


For connecting to breadboard it’s useful to get some female->male cables. This way you can connect your components without having to modify (bend) them, which could render them useless for further use.
In the case of the tilt sensor it might actually be even more useful since the sensor then would be attached to the board. Seeing as it’s the tilt sensor, you’d need to move the whole board if it were.

Thank you Moors7, make sense to me to get some female -> male cables.
Does someone know where can I buy it in San Francisco?

On another (non-spark) project I added a tilt-sensor using some solid wire spiraled around the legs to keep them straight for future use. I wrapped two stripped wire ends around a tiny screwdriver to make the initial spiral and then tightened it around the legs using pliers. Works fine and the sturdy wire enables the required positioning.

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