Help connecting sensor to Core when mounted on relay shield

Hi everyone,

Just a quick question about connecting an analog temperature sensor and accompanying capacitors to the Core while it’s seated in the relay shield. Apologies if this is an elementary question, but I’m fairly new to working with electrical components. I have all the components (two caps and an LM36 temperature sensor) connected to the Core while it’s on the breadboard, and everything works in that configuration.

So now I’m wondering how to transfer the components over and connect with the Core when it’s on the relay shield. I see that there are copper pads on the relay shield which connect to each of the pins. Is it best to put the leads for each of the components through the holes and solder directly to the copper pad? Or would there be a way to hook up some sort of prototype board? I know prototype boards are common in the Arduino world.

Anyway, any help/direction you guys have to offer would be great - places to go for tutorials, examples, etc. I’ve attached a picture of my circuit and Core, along with the relay shield, in case that’s helpful.



There’s a row of pads right beside the core placement area which gives you access to the pins.

Simply solder some wires and hook up to the breadboard or solder everything on a stripboard :wink:

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Hi Kenneth,

Thanks for your reply! I’m hoping to have a setup more permanent than a breadboard, so perhaps a stripboard is the way to go. I’ll look into this further. If you know of any relevant tutorial links, I’d be glad to take a look at them.



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You can look around but core specifics wise, just ask here and we will give our inputs :slight_smile: