How to connect it to an IoT Long Range Wireless Temperature and Humidity Sensor to particle argon

I bought a Particle Argon. I am interested in connecting Temperature and Humidity Sensor and monitor their values through a dashboard. I request suggestions Particle and tutorials on how to achieve the above.

Thanx in advance.

Welcome to the forum - normally it i good practise to search first before asking question - so in the search bar above type

temperature humidity

This will return 50+ results doing what you are interested in doing.

@adam1 In the initial stage you will get bit confusion but there are clear docs. Install workbench and flash the sample program through air(means without usb) after the device got connected to cloud. In the similar way connect the sensors to device and flash the code.:slightly_smiling_face:

@adam1, what has not been pointed out is that the device you want to use is not directly compatible with Particle’s Gen3 Mesh devices since it uses Digi XBee3 modules:

NCD long-range wireless IoT sensors use the DigiMesh® protocol from

To use this device with an Argon, you will first need to add (most likely) a Digi XBee-Pro 900HP module to the Argon. If you search this forum, you will find some members have done this already.


Your wanting to end up with a web dashboard like this?