Bluetooth communication between Particle Argon and Arduino

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I’ve been working on a project using EdgeImpulse, deploying a Machine Learning model to the Arduino Nano 33 BLE Sense. I wish to cast the classified outputs on the Arduino to the Particle Dashboard for remote monitoring. It seems that serial communication between Arduino Nano Sense and Particle Argon are not supported out of the box.

I noticed that both these boards share the same Bleutooth type, i.e. Nordic nRF52840. Is it possible to establish a communication protocol between the two devices using a shared Bluetooth connection? This would help in remote data monitoring from the classification on the Dashboard, with much more User Friendly Interface.

Predefined scripts or functions/libraries would be resourceful.

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What would you understand as “out of the box”?
Both devices feature a UART interface.

However, BLE would be an option. Here are some examples
Bluetooth LE | Tutorials | Particle

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Thanks @ScruffR

I’m not sure, but serial communication needs an additional module for UART bridge.

I’m comparitively new to this, so Is there an example script( for sending data through BLE and to recieve Data similarly and publish to the Dashboard)

Also what’s the latency in data transfer?

Sender - Arduino Nano 33 BLE Sense
Reciever - Particle Argon

Huh? Why?
Both controllers use 3.3V logic, hence you’d only connect the two controllers RX to TX and TX to RX nothing else needed.
To use the interface in your code you’d use Serial1 on both controllers.

Once the connection is established latency shouldn’t be too much of an issue as long you don’t don’t expect to send loads of data.

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