Connect Particle Argon to Raspberry Pi via Bluetooth

Hi everyone…
I want to communicate argon with Raspberry Pi via Bluetooth (not mesh network). Is that possible for example send temperature value from argon to Raspberry Pi via Bluetooth. I already tried this for argon and xenon.

  • For argon: i did not able for join to argon Bluetooth. argon device name dose not shown.
  • For xenon: i was able to see Bluetooth device name (like: xenon-*) but could not flash the code to xenon without argon or Particle Debugger usb.

The bluetooth API hasn’t been released to the public yet. It made Alpha status but the public release shouldn’t be that far off. How were you able to see any Bluetooth device names?

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on xenon i able to see BLE name. but not on Argon!

yes that true, unluckily we cant connect to Argon!