How to communicate between Electrons wirelessly using either Bluetooth or nRF24L01+?

I need to wirelessly transmit small amounts of temperature and humidity data from one Electron to another over a distance of about 50 feet via some low energy method for a weather station that will be heading to Cambodia in two weeks. We hope to make many of these in the future if we can get them working well. Without going into all the design constraints, the main microcontrollers do need to be two Electrons (i.e. Bluz DK, Redbear Duo, or other microcontrollers with built-in communication abilities are ruled out unless used strictly to transmit or receive data. Also, the wireless communication method needs to be direct and cannot be done just using the Cloud via Publish and Subscribe.)

From the research I’ve done, it seems like either the Adafruit Bluefruit LE or the nRF24L01+ breakout boards might be good options. The Bluefruit LE boards seems good but all the tutorials I have found relate to connecting microcontrollers to a smartphone. The nRF24L01+ seemed good until I purchased a pair and was unable to get them communicating after more than a day of following various tutorials. I also looked into using the RFM95W, but Particle resources seemed more scarce for this than for the nRF24L01+. Despite my best efforts, I am out of time and need help from the pros.

Do you have any recommendations about the easiest way to go about talking from one Electron to another using a wireless method? Do you know of any reliable tutorials related to this? It seems like it should be quite straightforward but this is new territory to me and I am on a tight deadline and need some help. Any help is greatly appreciated.

I have the RFM95w Radios working directly with the Photon which should also work with the Electron. I used the Adafruit Feather with RFM95w to communicate between the two.

You can get long range with these radios but you can dial down the power if you don’t need that much range also.

The code to do this is here: Photon LoRaWAN node?

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