How to collect data with particle argon without Wi-Fi connection?

I have a project where I have three argon collecting data from various sensors. They work normally when connected to the wifi. However, I have to deploy these devices outside wifi and cellular range. Is there a way for the argons to store data on a micro usb while not connected to the internet or cloud?

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None of the Particle devices can interface with USB storage. However, you can connect a microSD via one of the SPI and use the SDFat library or, depending on the amount of storage needed, you could store data in the Argon’s onboard external flash using the built-in LittleFS file commands.

Thanks! I have the SDFat library and the device storing data on a microSD card (sorry not misro USB). My issue is having it do so without internet connection. Say I can hotspot on my phone, set up the device, and then disconnect from the internet?

@JacksonStudent, you can absolutely operate without a Cloud connection. However, you need to make sure any part of your code which communicates with the Cloud also checks for the connection first (e.g. Particle.connected()). You will also want to use SYSTEM_THREAD(ENABLED) so your user code can run without waiting for a Cloud connection.

If you search this forum, you will find plenty of examples of doing exactly what you want to do. You may also want to look at @rickkas7’s great PublishQueueAsyncRK library which can be used with a microSD.

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