How do I get battery status of my particle?

I am using a battery Polymer Lithium Ion Battery - 400mAh and Photon Battery Shield.

I would like to send a webhook publish of the battery power left to my device. How would I find this out?

I’m able to get this through the following in my code, all from a previous post:

Include the library PowerShield/PowerShield.h. I accomplished this through the include library function of the Particle web IDE. Then call PowerShield batteryMonitor;. The top of my file reads:

#include "PowerShield/PowerShield.h"
PowerShield batteryMonitor;

Then, in setup:

void setup() {
    // This essentially starts the I2C bus
    // This sets up the fuel gauge
    // Wait for it to settle down
    delay(500); //delay 0.5 second

Then in void loop()

// Read the volatge of the LiPo
float cellVoltage = batteryMonitor.getVCell();
    // Read the State of Charge of the LiPo
float stateOfCharge = batteryMonitor.getSoC();

I then publish with the following:

Particle.publish("ps-voltage", String(cellVoltage));
Particle.publish("ps-soc", String(stateOfCharge));

Hope that helps.

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Can I use this to determine battery charge of an external battery that is powering my unit?
When I built sensor units from scratch, I powered the unit using a boost from (2) AA batteries (low current draw for a short period of time). I was able to use an analog pin to report the battery charge ahead of the booster.
I’d like to have an easy way to report back the power on the batteries, then use the boost output on 3v3 to power the board.