Does the Particle Powershield library reliably measure battery status if connected via the DC input?

I’ve been using the above library with the Particle Powershield and have connected a 4xAA battery pack to the DC input. I noticed that the voltage/charge values seem to reflect the charge status of the AA batteries, which is neat.

Does the fuel gauge only reliably measure the status of the connected LiPo battery, or does is in fact also measure the status of batteries connected via DC? If so, I’m guessing it would always measure 100% charge status when a non-battery (eg mains adaptor) is connected to DC, right (sorry I don’t have one to test with)?


Doing a little more testing and reading, it seems the values being returned when connected via DC are not accurate, so I think I’ve answered my own question here and the fuel gauge only reliably measures the status of the connected LiPo battery.