How do I connect to an HTTP URL?

Want to use Maker for something. What function should I use?

It would be neat if you could be a little more elaborate since having to guess what exactly it is you’re trying to achieve might not work out the way you’d liked it to.

That said, there’s an HTTP library in the online IDE which might be of service, have a look.

For clarity the HTTP Library can be found here. I do agree with @Moors7, we need a more detailed description of what you need help with to be, in turn, helpful.

In IFTTT, I have a “recipe” where the trigger is a Maker URL. I want to program the Arduino to connect to the URL to trigger the IFTTT recipe when I hit a button. How can I program it to connect to a URL?

P.S.: I cannot use the Particle.publish and the Particle trigger in IFTTT; while it would work, I was specifically told not to use it.

I’m assuming you mean your Particle device? Try not to mix them up, since they’re quite different even-though they share a lot of similarities.

Am I correct to assume this might be a homework exercise? If so, we really shouldn’t straight up tell you :wink: I’d recommend checking out the mentioned library and playing around with the examples for a bit. Shouldn’t be too complicated. Should you have any specific questions, feel free to ask!

It’s not a homework assignment; I’m allowed to ask for help. I can’t use it because eventually the project will be using something other than particle. Please tell me.

Then I’m not sure if it make a whole lot of sense that you’d try it with a Particle device, since you’d then have to edit it again seeing as this is ported to work for Particle, not for other microcontrollers.
With that in mind, the advice still stands; give it a shot, and see how far you get. Should you encounter issues, come back and we’ll see what we can do :wink:

Could you please just give me the answer already? I already know Python, C++, C, and 6502 assembly; I already know a good amount of programming, so it’s not like I’m brand-new to programming. I even made a game on the same device with this IDE!


That’s simply not how these forums work. You should not expect users to just write firmware for you. We expect users to do their own work and use the forums for help when they get stuck. In rare cases, when users are being exceptionally nice some code has been written “for free” but I don’t think you qualify yet.

We’ve given you a few ideas of how to accomplish what you want to accomplish (I even provided you a link to the HTTP library). If you are well versed in the languages you say you are you should be able to figure this out. Go forth and code and come back when you run into an issue you cannot figure out.