ArduinoJson Lib

hey guys!

I am quite new to particle.

I am trying ArduinoJson library.

My goal is to sent in a function a JSON String so i can parse and the arguments in my code as variables. i dont know why but i am losing my data somewhere.

i spent days in this and i am stuck. I saw lots of people with the same problem but i didnt get a working solution to my case.

can anyone please give me a hint?

thanks in advance,


#include <ArduinoJson.h>

void setup() {
    //this will trigger the function to make the http request to receive the json 
    Particle.function("JSON", getJSON);

void loop() {
  // not used in this example

int getJSON(String JsonFile) {
    StaticJsonDocument<350> doc;
    char jsonString[JsonFile.length() + 1];
    JsonFile.toCharArray(jsonString, sizeof(jsonString));
    // Deserialize the JSON document
    DeserializationError error = deserializeJson(doc, jsonString);
    // Test if parsing succeeds.
    if (error) {
        Particle.publish("event", "ERRO");
        return -1;
    const char* sensorChar = doc["sensor"];

    // Publish the value of the "sensor" key as a String object
    Particle.publish("event", sensorChar);
    return 1;

I recommend not using that library and using the JSONWriter class, which is built into Device OS, for generating JSON, instead.

Yes, I saw the publish and assumed it was composing JSON. For parsing JSON there’s the built-in JSONValue.

Another option for parsing JSON is JsonParserGeneratorRK.

Also, if you’re making a HTTP request to a public server (not on your local LAN), then it’s usually better to use a Webhook and mustache instead.


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