How can we view the Mesh Network node topology?

I’m excited, my pre-ordered Argon and Xenon gear should ship this week! Now I need to get my debugging tools in order! I’m coming in a bit late to the game, and I’m hoping some of you pioneers (ScruffR?) are here on the forums and will share some of your clues with us. :slight_smile:

Is it possible, from my sketch, to find out some level of detail of the mesh network, as seen by my node? I presume that my node knows about all of the nodes currently in the mesh, denoting which are Gateways, but how much of that is available to my sketch? (I’m a network builder, and I go back to X.25 running routers with leased lines, and AX.25. I’m looking for ways to know when nodes have dropped off the RF Mesh network, and I expect that there is some latency between when a node joins and/or dies, and when I could detect that from changes in the mesh map. But, as I’m learning, I’m looking for any debugging info I can collect. :slight_smile:

If it’s not possible from the sketch, what tools are you using to look at the bare RF network packets, to look at things like node addresses and their mesh-map broadcasts? I’m comfortable with WireShark, but I haven’t tried SDR (which of them work at 2.4 GHz, or do I need a pre-scaler with a lower-frequency SDR?), and I see references to ZigBee Mesh USB dongles (but I understand that Particle isn’t really ZigBee…), so should a ZigBee USB dongle help? Or is the “right answer” a RAspberry Pi with some USB interface? Or can I use a Xenon, with a USB cable and a software update, to be a packet monitor for my Particle Mesh?

If I can’t get “local” clues from my nodes or an RF network monitor, can I get that map data from the Particle Cloud, maybe with an API call or two?

Thanks for sharing your thoughts, and best regards,    Zonker