Hot Boron and non reactive

My boron has started to heat up to a point where you can not touch it. The led flashed multicolor flashes vary faintly, but now does nothing. It will not react at all to any combination of button pushes. When plugged in by USB it does nothing other illuminate the led by the micro usb plug. Also the computer does not recognize that something has been plugged in. Is it savable?

@txsrooster how are you powering this Boron normally (other than USB). Is it sitting on a breadboard or custom PCB?

It was sitting on a PCB by NCD manufactures. powered by battery. I had some soft brick issues with my code and thought I had it figured out but when I plugged it in to the battery it just heated up.

@txsrooster, hard to tell but it could be incorrect settings on the Boron’s PMIC or a number of other things. Which part of the Boron is getting hot?

This area heats up very quickly.

@txsrooster, on the underside of the Boron in that location is the voltage regulator It it damaged or incorrectly set by your application, it may get hot. I suspect your Boron is damaged. Let it cool down, plug it in a protoboard and measure the 3.3v output while powered via USB.


Ok so I plugged it into the protoboard and supplied power via USA. Checking between the 3.3v output and the ground I get 0.02v. When i plug the battery I get 1.27v to the 3.3v output.

I concur that this looks like a regulator issue and almost definitely a case of a damaged board / a potential issue with the PCB on which it’s sitting. I’m following up with @txsrooster in their support ticket presently. Thanks for the eye, @peekay123!

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