Boron status light not turning on

The status LED on my boron will not turn on, I’ve tried powering it from a battery and also by usb. Furthermore, the 3.3v header is only outputting ~2v. Has anyone experienced a similar problem? What should I do?

It seems like a hardware issue - can you post an image?
What happens if you power the device with 3V3 directly and pull the EN pin low.

I’d suggest not to power a Boron via 3v3!
Unless the docs are wrong this shallnot be done

@ScruffR is correct - sorry about that. You cannot power the Boron from the 3V3 pin.
You’ll end up with a “Xenon” trying desperately to connect to its unpowered modem. The PMIC supplies the 1V8 required by the uBlox.
In short, your PMIC is probably fried. Is there physical damage? How did you power the Boron before this happened?

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