Host Certification for B404X and B524

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We are in the process of certifying the B404X and B524 devices. As a part of the host certification process, we need to test these modules with a specific callbox sim using a MFF2 to 4FF adaptor. We have the MFF2 to 4FF adaptors and will be installing ourselves. My understanding is that for this test the module must step through a few different frequencies.

The test house will be conducting this test using a Rohde & Schwarz CMW 500. The test house has informed us that in some cases, the cellular modules do not need specific firmware for this test, as the module will automatically look to move frequencies if a connection has not been made.

Has anyone in the community been through Host certification while using a 3rd party sim. I'm just interested to know if we will need specific RF test firmware for the modules to conduct this testing. If anyone has been through this process and is willing to answer some questions that would be very amazing.


Hi @StngBo-

Particle can provide the AT Passthrough firmware that is intended to be used with a callbox and callbox SIM for certification purposes. However, given the non-public nature of the firmware, Particle will not provide further assistance for any modifications and/or instructions on how to use it. Please follow up with your Account Executive and/or Solution Architect for obtaining this firmware.

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