Emissions and other EMC Testing Questions

System testing questions:

  1. When we take a system for EMC emissions testing, what do we need to do with the module so that it is emitting a representative or worst-case amount of electromagnetic radiation while inside the chamber? Specifically with the B404x and B524 using the recommended Particle antennas.
  2. During EMC immunity testing Even though we are using the certified module/antenna setup there is still a requirement During testing of intentional emitters there is a requirement to spot-check that emissions are below the expected levels at the expected frequencies.
  3. If we plan to not use the bluetooth antenna are there any adverse effects to be aware of if we don't plug in the antenna? I assume not.
  4. Are there any end product labeling requirements when using the B524 modules outside the US? The B404x has them due to FCC and Canada requirements and I want to check the B524 doesn't have the same thing.