Certifications for Product that uses B404

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We have a product that incorporates a B404 module and the antenna with which it was certified. The product contains additional circuitry, an enclosed switching power supply, and a motor, so we'll definitely need FCC Part 15B. The product is wall-mounted and is not hand-held or a medical device.

A certification testing lab quoted us for an EMC project and included tests for Part 15B, Part 22, Part 24, Part 27, and FCC 2.1091. Parts 22, 24, and 27 are for cellular devices, and FCC2.1091 is titled "Radiofrequency radiation exposure evaluation: mobile devices"

Does anyone have a sense for whether or not we need to do Part 22, 24, and 27 and FCC 2.1091? Anyone have experience getting a BSoM product certified who can lend some advice? I see that the B404 already has test reports for these parts here.

I'll also note that we are switching from B404 to M404 soon. We had prviously planned to add a P2 in the product to offer Wi-Fi capabiltiies for our customers, and we had the same testing lab quote us for Wi-Fi testing in the same project, which also included FCC Part 15.254 and Part15-E, and I'm not sure which of these were necessary either. I'm assuming that any testing that would have been applicable to a product containing both a B404 and a P2 would be applicable to a product containing an M404, provided all the correct antennae are used (but correct me if I'm wrong). Any advice would be appreciated!

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If you are using the Particle certified antenna you should not have to repeat FCC intentional radiator testing, which includes Part 22, Part 24, and Part 27. You should not need to repeat FCC Part 2, Section 2.1091 (RF exposure) either.

Basically, retesting things that measure output in specific bands should not be required. Testing should be limited to unintentional radiation from your completed assembly (FCC Part 15B self declaration of conformity).

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