Homekit - WICED update

Good morning.
After the last WWDC, Apple opened homekit to everybody, also without a Mfi certification.
I’ve just seen that WICED support HAP, but the WICED version with Homekit support must be required to Broadcom. Any tips on how to update the firmware with the last and complete version of WICED?
Are you (Particle) interested in this?
Thanks, Flavio


I would be very interested. I think they said during WWDC that access to the HomeKit protocols was being opened up to hobbiests and don’t require anything by software authentication. Anyway, hopefully someone will build a library that conforms to the HomeKit Accessory Protocol Specification which can be found here.


Hey folks! Definitely interesting to us. We haven’t seen HomeKit play too big a role in IoT to date, but expect that opening it up to hobbyists and to manufacturers without certifications will help drive adoption.


Wow, that would really be great for Home automation projects!

I’m developing components for a distributed system with one Photon per room and “talking” to each other.
There are some possibilities to integrate Particle products with Home kit (eg: HomeBridge) but in my opinion that’s not a straight-forward solution as it needs a server with node js (like an RPi).

I’m following this topic with high interest!

I found this interesting link:

So with the lifting of some of the restrictions can Particle now include the homekit version of WICED in its standard firmware?

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That would be the most wonderful improvement in the Particle eco-system !!!
Especially in combination with the new Apple HomePod!

Cross your fingers…

FINALLY, we have a breakthrough!

See this new thread: LINK

It works beautifully: You compile a sketch and flash it to any Particle device and then it can be paired with Homekit on any iPad, iPhone… Currently, you can only control the Particle’s RGB LED ON/OFF state.