HomeKit Library to port

I’ve ordered an Electron dev kit and it should arrive in the next day or so. While waiting I’ve been dreaming up some projects one I would like to do is get HomeKit support working standalone without home bridge.
I came across https://github.com/HomeACcessoryKid/ESP8266-HomeKit
Which looks like it does the trick so arduino based stuff and will be looking into porting it to particle if anyone else’s is interested. This will be first attempt at such a thing and I won’t be able to start till my exams finish in about 2 weeks. But if anyone else wants to take a look there it is


Hi @AdmiralTH!

Did you finally manage to use your Particle Photon with Homekit app now? (without Homebridge…)

I haven’t started work on it yet, I put in on the back burner with the changes to the HomeKit licensing was hoping that Particle might be able to build it in officially.
Also this needs the WolfCrypt library which some others were porting for over, so when thats done I’ll take another look.

I’ve also been real busy with other projects :frowning:

The wolfssl (contains wolfcrypt) port is essentially complete.

Sadly life has been busy wirh work and university and I haven’t had a chance to look into this further, but there seems to be a better body of work to look at https://github.com/maximkulkin/esp-homekit-demo

See this new thread: LINK

FINALLY, we have a breakthrough!

It works beautifully: You compile a sketch and flash it to any Particle device and then it can be paired with Homekit on any iPad, iPhone… Currently, you can only control the Particle’s RGB LED ON/OFF state.