Holtek HT1632C LED Driver Library


I’m porting the Arduino library for the HT1632C LED driver that uses some dot matrix displays like Sure Electronics ones.

Right now it’s in ALPHA stage and I have only tested on 32x16 displays, other geometries might not work.

Currently supports:

  • drawing graphic primitives (points, lines, circles,…)
  • drawing single color bitmaps
  • printing chars and texts in fixed positions (no scrolling, 23 different fonts)
  • RG colors (red, green and orange)
  • 16 brightness levels

Features I plan to add:

  • Documentation :smile:
  • Horizontal and vertical scroll
  • 2-colour and 3-colour characters
  • Blinking and fading effects

Check it out here: https://bitbucket.org/xoseperez/sparkcore-ht1632

The example code output:



The LED boards are very cool. First I have ever seen them. They look great for time and temp message boards.

Thanks for sharing this.

That display looks HUGE! :slight_smile: Very cool! Thanks for sharing!

This is exactly what I was looking for, thanks for sharing.

I noticed that out of the 4 displays I tested (32x16 boards from Sure Electronics with 3mm LEDs), only one does accept the 3.3V signal while being powered with +5V. On the three others, the first two 8x8 LED groups miss the new frame more often than not. All work fine if powered with 3.3V, but the display is dim.

A simple 74HC4050 in between to shift the levels to 5V fixed the issue.

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Where is The Examples?
i want to try, and also which pin should i set?

@xose, that looks great! I ported a DMD library for another member using a Freetronics display:

The more the merrier! :stuck_out_tongue:

@shiningstone There is an application.cpp file in the src folder that exemplifies some basic functions. To know which pins goes where, you have a map in the #defines at the top of the same file. Your display should have a connector with the pin names written alongside.

Hi @peekay123, great work! You are right, the more the merrier.
Next step is to contribute them as libraries for the online IDE.

yes thanks xose ,