Photon with 'simple' 32x8 LED matrices?

I’m looking to control a number of 32x8 single colour LED matrices using Photons - making use of the wifi capability and cloud to enable remote operation and update of the displays.

Example of such a device are:

There’s a lot of (‘real’) Arduino activity with these devices using libraries such as Freetronics DMD and others, but I’m guessing that to get the speeds required there is low level stuff that won’t run ‘out of the box’ on a Photon.

I have read the thread ( detailing work by @peekay123 on the Adafruit RGB matrices, but I cannot work out (despite trying!) if this would work without changes (which again, low level, would be beyond me!).

Can anyone give a guick yes/ no or send me in the right direction please?

Thanks in advance!

@Warwick, I believe there is already a library available or the freetronic device. Search the forum to see what you can find.

@Warwick, I thought that sounded familiar! Look here:


Perfect - not sure how I didnt find that Googling. Are the 32x32 RGBs fundamentally different in design? Did you ever look at the (Freetronids based) DMS2 libraries? I’m still between the two display type for my application (need to display a few things but my width of display is constrained). The better developed support and libraries would influence which way to go somewhat!

Thanks for the earlit reply!

@Warwick, the display is very different since the are single color. The color RGB panel requires 3-channel PWM to get a wide gamut of colors so it’s trickier to use. The DMD2 library is still in beta and the author still recommends using the DMD library for stability.

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