High-speed Flashing Cyan Just Started Today!

My Photon started blinking cyan this morning after working for over a month without problems. I haven’t changed anything on the Photon, but it is possible that our Firewall or AP config has changed as it’s on a corporate network.

When I put the device in setup mode and go through the wifi setup it completes however I get the message “Setup completed - Your device has been successfully claimed to your account, however it is offline. If the device was already claimed before this setup, then the Wi-Fi connection may have failed, and you should try setup again.”

Resetting the Photon doesn’t help.

I have checked that the outgoing connection to is open.

If I tether to my iPad the Photon connects right up.

What could cause the Photon to stop connecting?

Let me ask a different question…

After checking that I can telnet to, what would be the next logical step in diagnosing this connection problem?