High-Gain Omni Directional Antenna for 3G and LTE

I have had good luck with the Taoglas high-gain omni directional antenna - thanks @micromet for the recommendation! In places where the Electron 3G could not connect, placing one of these on a 12" square ground plane about 10’ in the air has consistently worked.

I am planning to start moving to Electron LTE and Boron LTE soon and I am wondering if I could use an antenna that will work with the current 3G devices AND the LTE Cat M1 stuff going forward. From the Boron data sheet, there is no mention of LTE frequencies only bands:

I asked Google if he / she knew how to convert these bands to the frequencies referenced in the antenna data sheet:

But, I did not find a clear answer. I even looked at the uBlox data sheet but did not get a clear answer.

I will be placing these in remote parks and I want the antennae to last for years so I am willing to pay more for a reputable brand like Taoglas and not just whatever is cheap on Amazon (I know that stuff is great but I am more risk adverse as the distance from home grows).

Am I good with the current Taoglas TLS.01.305111 antenna or is there a better choice?

Thanks, Chip

For the LTE Cat-M1 module (SARA-R410M-02B), most of the frequencies are the same.

The SARA-R4 family supports bands 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 8, 12, 13, 17, 18, 19, 20, 25, 26, 28 (and band 39 in M1-only)

And the bands are:

The most notable difference is that band 12 starts at 699 MHz. This is lower than is supported by the TaoGlas PC104 antenna, which is why the LTE Cat M1 devices come with the FXUB63. Your antenna supports it, however.

While LTE goes up higher (2300 and 3500 MHz bands), LTE Cat-M1 does not use those frequencies on the SARA-R4, so it’s fine that your antenna does not support those frequencies.

So your antenna should work fine with 2G/3G as well as LTE Cat M1.