Electron Taoglas antenna orientation

Somebody can help me understanding what’s the best orientation for the standard Taoglas antenna that come with the Electron?


I was looking at the specification sheet and from pictures I see different gain on XY vs XZ but I don’t understand if this can make the difference.

I’ve an installation in a spot with very poor reception -101db -107db and I would like to improve it.

Any suggestion for a good passive external antenna?


Let me ping someone that might be able to help, @rickkas7 or @ParticleD are you able to assist?

From the datasheet, the only direction that seems to have notable deviation from the average is in the positive z direction, and slightly in the negative z (see the test setup image). Since Cellular antennas generally will be higher than your device it seems like having the z axis perpendicular to the ground is probably a safe bet.

Most simply, if the antenna is horizontal and not vertical it should be consistently similar/optimal for any rotation about z.

I also looked at external antennas, Alternative High-Gain 3G Electron Antennas

What I found was that the https://www.mouser.com/ProductDetail/960-TG.30.8113 antenna from Taoglas gave somewhere between a 3-5dB improvement in my Cellular.RSSI() values, with similar statistical distribution of max and mins. None of the others were significantly improved over the original (though the flexible antenova one is cool because it’s flexible).
However for us for now it seemed too small of a benefit given the extra certification requirements for a stronger antenna.

May I ask specifically why you need to improve reception? Does something not work as well as you would like, or is it just to be safe? If you don’t have a realtime need for immediate responsiveness you should be able to recover from some mild disconnection with a little caching of data.

The PC104 that’s sold on the Particle store is an omnidirectional antenna, so it’s designed to have (almost) the same performance regardless of orientation. If data reception is particularly poor, but you know the direction of the signal, getting a directional antenna probably is your best bet.

I’ve got two installation on alpine place dove it seem by local people experience there is a carriere that the signal is good but it makes a lot of problems in calls / internet, and the Electron is connecting (obviously by Murphy’s law) to it.
I was wondering that a better antenna give me better chance of good transmission.

But maybe this is the wrong way to approach the problem!

Have you checked which carrier that is, and which carrier(s) support the Particle sim in your country? I’m not really sure what happens with the Particle if the only available network is offered by a different carrier (will it roam data?) but in that case it would go down the priority list of the carrier while the coverage isn’t great to begin with. Even if it’s the same carrier, the Particle sim probably is given lower priority, so inserting a sim from the carrier probably nets the best results with this.

Also I would check if people use 2G, 3G or LTE. If you have the 2G Electron there’s a fair chance the 2G network simply isn’t available

2G is available almost everywhere in Italy.

I didn’t had any chance to be there and analyze a bit more the issue, but the Electron connect always to Vodafone IT that it’s supposed to have the best signal there but the result is data sent randomly.
Same hardware/software moved in another place (in the town) works well without loosing any connection.
Based on this I suppose there are packet loss due some network problem at the installation place.