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Hello. I'm using a Boron 404 in my device. It has connected to the network before, however I'm now getting an LED light sequence I can't identify. It flashes multiple green (I think roughly 10) following by a single white long pulse then back to green, repeat. Has anyone seen this particular sequence? I reached out to Particle and they suggested Device Doctor as they didn't know offhand. I wonder if it is as simple as the device cannot locate a network signal. That said, I'm close to Chicago, so I can't think of a denser communication area. Any ideas before I start down the path of Device Doctor? Thanks in advance.

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Device Doctor is your friend.

There is also this one, in case the firmware running on the device is impacting connectivity:

Best of luck!

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How are you powering the Boron? The blinking green is connecting to cellular. The white blink is reboot. That sequence typically occurs when the device browns out due to insufficient power when connecting to cellular.

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Device is powered by an 18650 battery. I have two test devices running. The other isn't doing this.

Is this the same battery or two different ones? If the latter, what happens if you switch the batteries between the Borons (maybe one is not fully charged or faulty)?

Hi. So a little more background. I have two identical devices in every way. One is with one of my team working with me on this project. That device is in Minnesota. My device is with me, in Indiana, just outside Chicago. Identical components, batteries, firmware, etc.

Outside of the possibility of a part being defective, etc. The one observation so far is that the device in Minnesota is connecting to AT&T and has great signal strength and signal quality; 90 to 100% in both categories. Mine is connecting to T-Mobile and the signal strength and quality is very poor; typically 20-30% when it connects.

I wonder if the below is happening (text taken from Particle's online documentation), where the device is trying to connect, is somehow blacklisted on the tower it is trying to connect to, and is trying to reboot itself as part of a troubleshooting maneuver. Apologies, if I'm not saying this correctly, technically. One of my follow-up questions is, can the Boron be pushed to try a different tower or altogether different carrier network? I'm outside of Chicago and AT&T and Verizon are fine, being near a major metropolitan area.

You should probably add:

SerialLogHandler logHandler(LOG_LEVEL_ALL);

to your source file and monitor the USB serial debug output on a device experiencing the problem. This will include useful information about what the modem is doing.

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