Help for photon blinking white

My photon is blinking white every time I restart it, I think that is in semi automatic mode but I need to bring it back to automatic mode and I don’t know how to do it

Flash some code that doesn’t engage SEMI_AUTOMATIC

To flash OTA you should use Safe Mode to get the device online and then flash.

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I am using a BORON and the same thing has happened to me. But I can’t connect to it over LTE, and the DFU does not seem to work. Tried factory reset and that failed also. Any help would be appreciated.

Have you tried

And in what way is that?

this is not a very enlightening symptom description.

Thx. Figured out how to get it into safe mode. Problem stemmed from using “SEMI-AUTOMATIC” mode incorrectly.

DFU issue is unrelated. I keep getting “No DFU capable USB device available” error when trying to program the device from visual studio Particle plugin. Ran the installer and tried uninstalling / reinstalling, but so far no luck. The statement DFU not working was to simply indicate that I can’t just reprogram it over USB.

Are you on Windows?
If so, try zadig to install the drivers.

How did you get it into safe mode. When i follow the procedure outlined, i was able to get my led to blink with the mangeta color while still holding the mode button. On releasing the mode button, the led reverted back to a white blink. Any help will be greatly appreciated.

The device needs to be running before you press/hold SETUP/MODE

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